Year 2’s Post on Monday, 8 February 2016

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Twig and leaf Eiffel Tower.

How amazing! Well done!

Chinese Gifts and Fortune


We all collected our own gifts from the baskets.



Circle Time

Our circle time had a Chinese New Year twist this week. We all thought about what fortune we were glad of and what fortunes we hoped for our friends.

Some of our friends then circled us doing a dragon dance to wish us good fortune.

Fortune Cookies

We made our own fortune cookies for our friends. We decorated them and thought of what we would wish for them. Love, laughter, joy and happiness were the most popular.


Chinese New Year!

We have been tasting some Chinese sauces with prawn crackers. Mrs Lewis and Mrs Brown were impressed because we all tried it without hesitation. Most of us liked the taste too! We tasted fruit curry and sweet and sour sauce.



Tuesday Gymnastics!

We are now using all of the shapes we have learnt during mat work and adapting them to use on the apparatus.