Mail from Ireland!

Look what we got!

We have been saying prayers for a friend of Mrs Lewis. We have received a lovely thank you card from her with photographs of her and her huge garden! It has come all the way from Ireland.

Thank you Anne, you have made our day!

Fun in the Sun!

Picnic Time!

Alien Puppets!

What a fabulous time we had making a mess (ooops, not a mess – puppets) today.

We followed our alien puppet designs and used the materials to decorate them.



Sunflower Experiment

Today we planted seeds to answer the question, “How does the environment affect the way a plant grows?”

We will observe how each of the planted seeds grow over the next few weeks.


Today we have completed observational drawings of a variety of trees. We noticed that we have many different types of trees in our playground. We also noticed that some have leaves and some don’t.